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5 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets that Take 20 Years Off Your Skin

Hi, my name is Chrissi Topoleski. I’m a model and skincare expert. And at the risk of telling secrets… I’m coming up on my 60th birthday. What do I model? Not runway clothes, that’s for sure! I’m a regular woman, just living my life… with one big difference: people notice my skin.

They notice how it glows. How do I know? Strangers come up to me wherever I am and say, “What?! You’re how old?” And that’s how this whole modeling thing started for me. But my passion is helping other women renew their skin and defy their age.

So let me ask you a question:

“Is there a woman over 40 who hasn’t purchased a night cream?”

It turns out lots of women make this mistake. Why? There’s a common myth that women should use a night cream to reduce signs of aging. But it turns out there are three problems with this myth:

1. It only works on “early signs of aging.” That means if you’re over 40, a night cream won’t be as effective for you, because of hormone changes that happen after 40.

2. It won’t work as a stand-alone solution after 40. Why? Women over 40 need to solve two problems: dry skin and sagging skin. A night cream alone, won’t solve both problems.

3. Most night creams aren’t designed to absorb properly. Instead, they add a heavy layer of grease on top of your skin. This might help reduce moisture loss, but it won’t restore moisture to parched skin. Which means you’re fighting a losing battle. And you could get breakouts from the heavy ingredients.

So what should you do instead?

I've been using Total Activation for over a month now and really like the products. Does the trick perfectly. I have sensitive skin and it has been wonderful. Strongly recommended.

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5 Secrets for Younger Skin

I’ve had women tell me, “It’s like my skin changed overnight. Suddenly, it’s dry and dull. I have wrinkles, age spots, spider veins, and my eyes look tired all the time. What happened?”

I used to think these women were exaggerating, until it happened to me. There’s just something about turning 40 that makes your skin lose its firmness.

(Between you and me, changing hormones are to blame. But who says hormones should get to determine how beautiful your skin looks. You know what I mean?)

And why should you have to use makeup to cover up wrinkles, lines, and age spots? I’m all done hiding who I am, and that’s why I’ve stopped using most makeup products, altogether.

My skin glows from the inside out from making a few all natural changes to my skincare routine.

Here they are:

1. Throw away your night cream

The first thing I did was throw away my night cream. Night cream was expensive, it made my skin break out, and it left grease stains on my pillow. No thanks for that! What do I use now? Now I use a cream that’s a blend of beeswax, aloe, shea, and cocoa butter. It’s safe for day or night use. And it doesn’t make my skin break out.

2. Use a gentle cleanser

It’s important to avoid harsh cleansers and exfoliators because after 40, skin doesn't hold onto moisture like it used to. I’ve heard women complain that their skin literally cracks from dryness. So, try taking slightly cooler showers. And wash your face only at night. This will help you to avoid stripping away the already-low levels of moisture in your skin.

3. Take special care of the delicate skin around your eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. And one of the best ways to look and feel younger, is to make sure your eyes look sparkly and bright, instead of dull and sunken. To do that, look for an all-natural eye serum that absorbs quickly and feels comfortable all day.

4. Seriously consider trying a face serum (especially if it doubles as a toner)

I know, I know! Who has time for a serum? But I’m telling you, a good face serum can be a miracle worker. Why? As women approach menopause, they can lose up to a third of their collagen. When you lose collagen, your skin loses its bounce-back, moisture and glow. And to make matters worse, you might also experience more inflammation than you did in the past--which means your skin becomes more vulnerable to damage from sun, smoke, and pollution.

So when you’re looking for a face serum, get one that uses plant compounds like soy, genistein, grape seed, green tea, and wild yam. Plant compounds prevent sagging by mimicking estrogen. Your body uses the estrogen to build collagen, which restores younger-looking skin.

5. Moisturize all over

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. And to help your skin function at its best, you need a moisturizer that helps slough off dead skin cells, while it protects and restores the moisture your skin may have lost.

As good if not better than the expensive brands and I love it. I like the natural and organic ingredients.

~ Taeeun S. 5-Star Amazon Review

Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Naturally

Would you like to know more about how you can get smoother, firmer, glowing skin, starting today? I’m delighted to introduce you to Total Skincare Activation.

Total Skincare Activation is a 5-step skincare system that renews skin, by working from the inside out. It works with your body to improve cell turnover and restore collagen loss. The products contain natural, organic ingredients. So they are completely safe.

I’m proud to say that Total Skincare Activation is a revolution for women who are tired of covering up their dull, dry, sagging skin. It’s for women who want to work with their bodies, instead of against them.

Who says aging has to be unpleasant? At my age, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. And I’m proud that my skin looks as beautiful on the outside, as I feel on the inside.

Until I started using Total Skincare Activation, I constantly rotated new serums, creams, cleansers, toners, and cosmetics. I spent a ridiculous amount of money. And I wasn’t happy with how I looked.

Now I just use this simple 5-step system and away I go! I can trust my body to repair my skin, because I’ve given it all the nourishment it needs. That’s a great feeling!

Let me tell you, when someone walks up to me at the store and compliments me on my skin, I feel like a million bucks! And I’m not the only one having this experience. Check it out.

Women shouldn’t be looking outside their bodies,
using unnatural substances to cover up
wrinkles, lines, and signs of age.

Chrissi Topoleski - Skincare Expert & Model

If you are looking for something that gives you an instant boost and makes you look much younger and more attractive then this is something you want to get. I love it and it's going to be a part of my daily skincare routine.

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Take Advantage of What Fox News Calls "An Insanely Successful Skincare Line"

We’re now seeing an incredible trend in skincare. More and more women are going without makeup—choosing instead to take care of their skin and loving it!

Just last year, Sarah Silverman and Susan Sarandon both appeared in Vogue magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women” cover shoot, without wearing any makeup at all. No concealer. No foundation. Nothing!

Both of these stunning, courageous women are over 40. And they look amazing. What’s their secret? They use a skin-care first, makeup-second approach that focuses on natural skin cell activation.

Which is why Vogue magazine called skincare, “The New Makeup.”

Total Skincare Activation celebrates this skin-care first, makeup-later phenomenon. How? We use natural ingredients that help your skin feel young, fresh and beautiful.

That's why Sadie Murray from The Bachelor called Total Activation, "An insanely successful skincare line," on live TV (Fox News).

And Total Skincare Activation was recently featured on the Emmy-award winning TV show 'The Doctors.' And they loved it.

Even Jennifer Shultz, fashion stylist to the stars, said it made an incredible difference to her face. Where did she say this? On CBS News!

Where You've Seen Us

The Secret Weapon of Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age

Total Skincare Activation is designed to gently remove dead skin cells, boost collagen production, and nourish your skin, so you can have younger looking skin.

And all the products work together naturally--in harmony with your body. Here’s what’s in each step:

1. Facelift Serum naturally supports collagen production and uses only plant-based HA collagen boosters. And it works great as a toner.

2. Timeless Cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle cream that removes blemishes and lightens dark spots. It also moisturizes and protects your skin. It’s safe for all skin types and won’t cause breakouts. You can use it for day and night.

3. Aloe Butter is an all-over body moisturizer that soothes, protects, softens rough spots, and reduces inflammation. So you can have soft, smooth, touchable skin anytime.

The Total Skincare Activation system unlocks your inner beauty naturally. Which means you can look younger, feel more confident, and even, throw that old makeup in the trash if you want to! I love Total Skincare Activation. And I can’t wait for you to give it a try.

My face was getting so dry in the winter months and this serum helped after the first use. I’m very happy with this gentle and effective product.

~ Grateful Kate. 5-Star Amazon Review

Here’s How to Get Started

For a limited time, you can get the complete Total Skincare Activation System, and get a generous 20% discount. Why? Total Skincare Activation has changed my life, and the lives of thousands of women just like you. And I want you to try it for yourself without any reservation.

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The Total Activation Purity Pledge

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  • No parabens or phthalates
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Beauty from the inside out. For ageless beauty at any age.

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